Global Dialogue is the digital magazine of the ISA. The first volume began in 2010 as a newsletter. Global Dialogue now appears 3 times a year in multiple languages. It is open access and, thus, available to all.  It is a lively forum for conducting debates and interviews within our discipline. It contains clashing views, visions and accounts from different corners of the globe, analyses of pressing issues of our time, discussions on theoretical approaches, and interviews with sociologists about the perspectives for our discipline. It offers a sociological lens on current world events, underlining our continuing relevance to public debates. The global community of the ISA is welcome to contribute articles and take part in this vivid exchange. Global Dialogue is made possible by the extraordinary energies and dedication of editorial teams around the world and by the contributions of our members.

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ISSN 2519-8688 (English edition); ISSN 2519-8696 (French edition); ISSN 2519-870X (Spanish edition)

Editorial Board

Editors: Brigitte Aulenbacher, Klaus Dörre.

Assistant Editors: Johanna Grubner, Walid Ibrahim.

Associate Editor: Aparna Sundar.

Managing Editors: Lola Busuttil, August Bagà.

Consultant: Michael Burawoy.

Media Consultant: Juan Lejárraga.

Consulting Editors: Sari Hanafi, Geoffrey Pleyers, Filomin Gutierrez, Eloísa Martín, Sawako Shirahase, Izabela Barlinska, Tova Benski, Chih-Jou Jay Chen, Jan Fritz, Koichi Hasegawa, Hiroshi Ishida, Grace Khunou, Allison Loconto, Susan McDaniel, Elina Oinas, Laura Oso Casas, Bandana Purkayastha, Rhoda Reddock, Mounir Saidani, Ayse Saktanber, Celi Scalon, Nazanin Shahrokni.