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GD 12.3 - December 2022

In this issue, the section ‘Talking Sociology’ features an interview conducted by Dimitra Laurence Larochelle with the most renowned scientist Michele Ford, who provides insights into her consulting activities for the International Labor Organization (ILO), the challenges for sociological researchers, and the difficulties that can be faced by fighting for labor rights. Our first symposium refers to Michael Burawoy’s most impressive and inspiring body of work. As past president of the ISA and founder of Global Dialogue, he has initiated and influenced a broad debate on public and global sociology. Sari Hanafi, current president of the ISA, Margaret Abraham, past president of the ISA, and Svetlana Yaroshenko and Elena Zdravomyslova reflect on their collaboration with him and on his recent book Public Sociology: Between Utopia and Anti-Utopia and also shed...

GD 12.2 - August 2022

In this issue of Global Dialogue the section ‘Talking Sociology’ features an interview with Shruti Majumdar, a sociologist from India who works as a Gender Violence Specialist for the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women. From her current position at the United Nations, she explains to Sebastián Galleguillos how her sociological lens has proved useful for working within international organizations, and also gives advice to sociologists interested in combining research and practice in the international field of development. In the meantime, after more than half a year since the war against Ukraine broke out we are witnessing deep ongoing changes in international relations and politics. Global Dialogue initiates in this issue a reflection on this situation by inviting ISA president Sari Hanafi to look back on the past decades...

GD 12.1 - April 2022

Universities and science are undergoing far-reaching changes as a result of their marketization or quasi-marketization under neoliberal governance. In this issue of Global Dialogue we take up this topic in our section ‘Talking Sociology.’ Jill Blackmore has been studying the profound restructuring experienced by Australian universities over the last decades. In this interview she elaborates on these restructurings, the forces that drove them, and the effects they have on academic knowledge production and epistemic justice. The first symposium presents parts of a global research collaboration on diverse workers’ movements. While Dario Azzellini examines the impact of the current pandemic on workers’ movements worldwide, including aspects of gender and race, Sarah Raymundo explores the traces of colonialism in the Philippines and its continued impact...

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