National Associations in Europe

by Roberto Cipriani, President of the ESA Council of National Associations

Representatives of 21 Sociological Associations took part in the meeting organized by the European
Sociological Association in Paris, October 28th, 2010. ESA President Anália Torres, ESA Past President Claire Wallace and members of the ESA Executive Committee were present too. Our special guests were Jean-Michel Baer, Director of Research for Science, Economy and Society from the European Commission and Rifka Weehuizen from the European Science Foundation.

ESA has two backbones: the Research Networks and the National Associations. By statute, the National Associations play a signifi cant role in the ESA as they propose candidates for election to the ESA Executive Committee and for the post of ESA President.

This is a brief report about the characteristics of each national association, leaving for another time the main topics discussed which included the Bologna process, and the downsizing of the social sciences in the majority of European countries.

Such is the state of European national associations of sociology!

Italy, Volume 1, Issue 4

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