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Mikołaj Mierzejewski

Jan Szczepański – Building a Precarious Bridge

by Adam Müller, Kamil Lipiński, Mikołaj Mierzejewski, Krzysztof Gubański and Karolina Mikołajewska

Jan Szczepański (1913-2004) was a Polish sociologist, who served as President of ISA from 1966 to 1970. He was the first person from the Eastern bloc to occupy this position. His publications appeared in many editions in Poland. His newspaper columns were also highly appreciated and widely discussed. He was not indifferent to public issues, and participated actively in political life, being a Member of the Parliament of the People’s...

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One or Many Sociologies? A Polish Dialogue

by Mikołaj Mierzejewski, Karolina Mikołajewska and Jakub Rozenbaum

With its lively debate on the status of sociology in an unequal world, Global Dialogue 2.2 was the first issue published in Polish. The local editorial team, working together in the student-organized Public Sociology Lab[1], decided to move the global discussion into a more local context. We organized a seminar devoted to the problems raised by Piotr Sztompka and his opponents, as seen from a Polish perspective. The...

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