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Helma Lutz

Contested Care in Austria, Germany, Switzerland

by Brigitte Aulenbacher, Aranka Vanessa Benazha, Helma Lutz, Veronika Prieler, Karin Schwiter and Jennifer Steiner

Senior home care: new care markets and precarious migrant work Like many other countries, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland are increasingly confronted with what are being called “care gaps.” While their populations grow older, informal care capacities within families diminish, as the welfare state is reconfigured according to the now dominant adult worker model. At the same time, the state increasingly withdraws from...

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Masculinity and Fatherhood: Stay-Behind Partners of Migrant Women

by Helma Lutz

Over the last fifteen years, studies have focused on the consequences of single female migration for their families, in particular for their non-migrating children; however, the gendered experiences and practices of stay-behind fathers have hardly been investigated. In my study on female migrant care workers from Eastern Europe I look at fatherhood practices of stay-behind fathers and their experiences with lone parenting in the post-socialist situation...

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From Cosmopolitanism to Public Sociology

by Helma Lutz

Cosmopolitanism is a normative term rooted in the enlightenment; and it is an ethical concept that is discussed throughout the world in debates about perceptions of justice, democracy, and human rights. Tolerance seems to be a precondition for the development of a habitus of cosmopolitanism, but it is an ambivalent term. On the one hand it asks for mutual recognition (for example, of different lifestyles) and the establishment of...

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