Chinese Edition of Global Dialogue

Jing-Mao Ho joined Global Dialogue in 2010 when he was a research assistant to Dung-Sheng Chen, Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the National Taiwan University. Dr. Chen supervised the translation and editing work in the first few years (occasionally along with Mau-Kuei Chang, Research Fellow of Sociology at Academia Sinica, Taiwan). Jing-Mao Ho has greatly enjoyed and learned much from translating English Global Dialogue into both traditional and simplified Chinese since Volume 1, Issue 1. He is now a PhD candidate in Sociology at Cornell University, USA, after receiving an MS degree in Computer Science and an MA degree in Sociology from the National Taiwan University. His master’s thesis on public intellectuals’ symbolic struggles was awarded the Best Master’s Thesis Award by the Taiwanese Sociological Association. His doctoral dissertation takes a comparative and historical approach to examining the relationship between statistics and nation-state building. He is also more broadly conducting research on topics in political sociology, science and technology studies, transnational sociology, quantitative methodology, and theory.

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Taiwan, Volume 7, Issue 4

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