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Labinot Kunushevci

Media and Communication in Post-Factual Age: An Interview with Bajram Mjeku

by Labinot Kunushevci and Bajram Mjeku

Global Express

Bajram Mjeku was born in the Republic of Kosova. He studied at the Faculty of Philology, University of Prishtina and has published articles on media culture, journalism, the sociology of literature, and the sociology of memory. He has a long experience as a publicist, journalist, and editor and has documented and contextualized important social facts in a scientifically critical way. From 1991 to 1999, he was the co-founder, journalist...

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Capitalism, the Uncertain Future of Humanity: An Interview with John Holloway

by John Holloway and Labinot Kunushevci

John Holloway is Professor of Sociology at the Autonomous University of Puebla, Mexico. He has published widely on Marxist theory, on the Zapatista movement and on the new forms of anti-capitalist struggle. His book Change the World Without Taking Power (2002, new edition 2010) has been translated into eleven languages and has stirred an international debate. His recent book, Crack Capitalism (2010), takes the argument...

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Sociology for Cooperation Against Balkanization: An Interview with Jasminka Lažnjak

by Labinot Kunushevci and Jasminka Lažnjak

Jasminka Lažnjak is well known in the field of sociology of science and technology, social aspects of innovation and innovation policy, economic sociology, sociology of work, and other fields. She is Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, and current president of the Croatian Sociological Association (CSA). Her most recent book, co-authored with Jadranka Švarc, is Innovation...

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The Legacy of Colonialism in Kosova: An Interview with Ibrahim Berisha

by Ibrahim Berisha and Labinot Kunushevci

Ibrahim Berisha was born in the Republic of Kosova. He completed undergraduate degrees in Philosophy and Sociology in Prishtina, and then went on to postgraduate studies in Zagreb, Croatia, where he earned a PhD in sociology of communications. After working as a journalist and editor in Kosova and abroad, he now teaches at the Department of Sociology in the University of Prishtina, Kosova. He has published several books on the sociology...

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The Representation of African-American Women: An Interview with Patricia Hill Collins

by Patricia Hill Collins and Labinot Kunushevci

Patricia Hill Collins is a Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland and former President of the American Sociological Association. A leading US social theorist, she is famous for developing the related ideas of “multiple oppressions,” “intersectionality,” and the “outsider within” first in her now classic Black Feminist Thought (1990) and then in Fighting Words...

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George Ritzer on McDonaldization and Prosumption

by Labinot Kunushevci and George Ritzer

George Ritzer is one of the foremost interpreters of globalization, and Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland, USA. Labinot Kunushevci, an MA student in sociology at the University of Prishtina, Kosovo, conducted the interview as part of a project on influential social theory. We are publishing an extract from the interview.   LK: Professor Ritzer, you are famous...

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