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Gustavo Takeshy Taniguti

The Solidarity Economy: An Interview with Paul Singer

by Paul Singer, Renan Dias de Oliveira and Gustavo Takeshy Taniguti

Paul Singer is one the most distinguished intellectuals of the Solidarity Economy in Brazil and in the world. His publications include: Desenvolvimento e Crise [Development and Crisis] (1968), Desenvolvimento Econômico e Evolução Urbana [Economic Development and Urban Evolution] (1969), Dinâmica Populacional e Desenvolvimento [Population Dynamics and Development] (1970), Dominação...

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Introducing the Paulista Editorial Team

by Andreza Tonasso Galli, Dmitri Cerboncini Fernandes, Fábio Silva Tsunoda, Gustavo Takeshy Taniguti, Juliana Tonche, Pedro Felipe de Andrade Mancini and Renata Preturlan

In each issue we will present one of the editorial teams that collaborate in the translation and production of Global Dialogue. It is a pleasure to introduce our team of Brazilian regional editors to the readers of Global Dialogue worldwide. Furthermore, we are extremely excited to work in a publication that has contributed greatly to the exchange of experiences and information on sociology from the most diverse places. We hope...

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