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Bert Klandermans

Three years of Sociopedia.isa

by Bert Klandermans

Some years ago the Executive Committee of the ISA discussed the possibility of publishing an annual volume of review articles. The proposal was to produce an on-line journal rather than a book. We reasoned that the production of a book would take so much time that the articles would be out-of-date by the time of publication. An on-line journal, on the other hand, can publish a contribution as soon as it is ready, and there would be no problem of missed deadlines...

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Introducing Our New Editors

by Julia Evetts, Christine Inglis, Devorah Kalekin-Fishman, Bert Klandermans, Eloísa Martín, Melinda Mills, Sujata Patel, Jennifer Platt, Vineeta Sinha and Dennis Smith

Several new editors have been appointed recently for ISA publications. They are Eloísa Martín (Current Sociology), Christine Inglis (International Sociology), Bert Klandermans (Sociopedia) and Sujata Patel (Current Sociology monographs and Sage Studies in International Sociology); we expect great things from all of them in their important tasks. Special thanks go to their retiring predecessors Julia...

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