Volume 4, Issue 3

This summer marked the International Sociological Association’s 18th World Congress of Sociology held in Yokohama (July 13-19). Meticulously organized by the Japanese Local Organizing Committee in collaboration with the ISA Secretariat, 6,087 registrants met for the biggest event in the history of the association. The very scale of the Congress, with over 1,100 separate sessions, […]

by Zsuzsa Ferge, Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary For over 50 years Zsuzsa Ferge has held a leading position among Hungary’s sociologists and social statisticians. Whether under state socialism or the capitalism that followed, Ferge has always pursued research into patterns of inequality, poverty and marginality, leading to over fifteen books and hundreds of articles. One […]

by Melvin L. Kohn, Johns Hopkins University, USA and member of the ISA Executive Committee, 1982-1990 Melvin Kohn has been a pioneer in the study of the relation of social structure and personality. He is best known for his classic, Class and Conformity (1969 and expanded in 1977), that documents the close relationship between class […]

by Margaret Abraham, Hofstra University, USA and ISA President, 2014-2018 This July, 6,087 sociologists and social scientists from 95 countries met in Yokohama, Japan, for the ISA’s XVIII World Congress of Sociology. For a hugely successful event, our heartiest congratulations and thanks to the Japanese Local Organizing Committee, superbly chaired by Koichi Hasegawa; to the […]

by Vladimir Ilin, State University of St. Petersburg, Russia The Eighteenth Congress of the International Sociological Association took place in Yokohama, July 13-19. Writing about the Congress is an unrewarding task: whatever one says, there will always be someone who will argue the opposite. With over 6,000 participants, it was such a large-scale event that […]

by Michael Burawoy, former President of the ISA, 2010-2014, and Chair of the Award Committee The Opening Ceremony of the Yokohama World Congress of Sociology featured the ISA’s new and only association-wide award, the Award for Excellence in Sociological Research and Practice. The award was widely advertised to encourage the broadest possible nominations from ISA […]

Arlie Russell Hochschild is one of the most renowned sociologists of our time. Her work is proof that theoretical depth combined with accessible discourse is an effective strategy for accomplishing fruitful sociological inquiry. In her eight academic books – including The Managed Heart (1983), The Commercialization of Intimate Life: Notes from Home and Work (2003), […]

by Amrita Pande, University of Cape Town, South Africa and Ditte Maria Bjerg, Global Stories Productions, Denmark “It was excellent. I’ve never seen documentary theater as urgent as this, where a PhD sociologist and actress performs the research of a subject.” Simon Andersen, “Smagsdommerne,” Danish National Television. For our colleagues in theater and performance studies, […]

by Bruno Cousin, University of Lille 1, France, Member of ISA Research Committee on Regional and Urban Development (RC21) and Didier Demazière, CNRS and Sciences Po, Paris, France Neither French sociology as a field, nor the sociological profession as it is practiced in France, have been systematically studied as sociological objects. Although other disciplines such […]

by Christine Musselin, Sciences Po, CSO-CNRS, Paris, France The French higher education and research systems are characterized by a mix of three different types of institutions: universities offering PhD programs; national research institutions, including both the multidisciplinary CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) and more specialized ones like the INSERM for biology, or the INRA […]