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by Asanda Benya, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa In South Africa’s large and highly mechanized mining industry there are over 48,000 women working in underground occupations, mainly in platinum and gold mines. These women form part of the core workforce and labor as miners or general workers, installing support structures, water and ventilation […]

by Jordanna Matlon, Institute for Advanced Study in Toulouse, France A pitiable sight in Adjamé’s black is the section for used and stolen mobile phones. Hundreds of men line up single-file on either side of a major thoroughfare. Each man has one or several phones on his person which he flashes at passers-by, desperate to […]

by Jennifer Platt, University of Sussex, UK and ISA Vice-President for Publications, 2010-2014 The ISA’s Publications Committee has a policy of sending members to key conferences to report back on what is going on to inform our editors; this is one of those reports. But how to report on a whole meeting? There were said […]

Adopted by the General Assembly of the XXIXth Congress of the Latin American Sociological Association (ALAS) Meeting in Santiago, the capital city of Chile, from September 29 to October 4 (2013), 4,168 sociologists from 30 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and elsewhere participated in 33 working groups, 79 panels, 86 book launches, and 5 […]

by Elisa P. Reis, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, former member of the ISA Executive Committee, 2006-2010, and ISA Representative to ISSC “Social Transformations and the Digital Age” was the theme of the World Social Science Forum organized by the International Social Science Council (ISSC) in Montreal from October 13 to 15 (2013). […]

by Elena Zdravomyslova, European University at St. Petersburg and member of the ISA Executive Committee, 2010-14 Our team is a flexible one. The core group of translators are Elena Nikiforova, Anna Kadnikova, and Asja Voronkova. Others contribute to the project more or less regularly and we expect new team members as well as a certain […]