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Zuhal Yonca Odabaş

Global Dialogue’s Turkish Team

by Zeynep Baykal, Günnur Ertong, Gizem Güner, Aytül Kasapoğlu, Nilay Çabuk Kaya and Zuhal Yonca Odabaş

We started our journey of translation with GD 2.4. At the beginning it was difficult to find and organize people who would be willing to be part of this adventure. But now, the editorial team is more or less settled. We live and work in different cities of Turkey. Despite the considerable geographical distances that separate us, we manage to keep our labor alive via digital media. That is the short history of Global Dialogue’s Turkish...

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Public Sociology at Ankara University

by Günnur Ertong and Zuhal Yonca Odabaş

by Günnur Ertong and Zuhal Yonca Odabaş, Ankara University, Turkey We are a group of sociologists working with Professor Aytül Kasapoğlu in the Department of Sociology of Ankara University. Our group includes graduate students, young postgraduates and fully-fledged academicians. Our group is a dynamic one; people join us to study, they contribute to our publications and continue their academic lives with these experiences. They...

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