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Vitória Gonzalez

Diversity and Transparency Within (and Beyond) UN Bodies

by Vitória Gonzalez

Diversity needs to be reflected in leadership positions – in the public sphere, both in domestic politics and in international organizations such as the United Nations (UN), as well as in the private sphere. The diversity of experiences, perspectives, and life stories in decision-making spaces leads to more inclusive and comprehensive discussions and policies. That is, the representativeness of individuals from minoritized groups matters and is a crucial...

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Beyond Minoritisation and Coloniality An Interview with Rita Segato

by Rita Segato, Breno Bringel and Vitória Gonzalez

Rita Segato is a prestigious Argentinean writer, anthropologist, and feminist activist. She is Emeritus Professor at the University of Brasilia and has received, in recent years, almost a dozen degrees honoris causa from European and Latin American universities as well as several other important awards. These include the Frantz Fanon Award from the Caribbean Association of Philosophy for her life’s work (2021) and Outstanding...

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Challenges for Public and Global Sociology An Interview with Brigitte Aulenbacher and Klaus Dörre

by Brigitte Aulenbacher, Klaus Dörre, Breno Bringel, Carolina Vestena and Vitória Gonzalez

Global Dialogue Editors (GDE): How do you transpose the concept of public sociology into your research agenda, bearing in mind both your local research networks and your international engagement within the ISA? Brigitte Aulenbacher (BA): Public sociology is a concept that allows the dissemination of scientific knowledge and stimulates discourse between academic and non-academic...

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