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Susana Narotzky

Cost of Living: Expert Concepts and Everyday Efforts

by Federico Neiburg, Isabelle Guérin and Susana Narotzky

This thematic section is the result of a partnership between Global Dialogue and International Sociology. In it, we aim to make available to a wider audience some of the main results of a special issue that has just been published in International Sociology. In this article, we introduce the concept of cost of living, which is simultaneously...

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Moral Dilemmas in Food Provisioning

by Susana Narotzky and Bibiana Martínez Álvarez

The specific conceptualization of the costs of everyday life we consider in this article stems from an interpretation of the phrase “cost of living” which addresses: (1) macro indicators of inflation, (2) the difference between food produce price and the consumer price as a cost to farmers that endangers their viability, and (3) how this cost gets expressed in the wages of workers and endangers their livelihood. Finally, we highlight the energy...

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