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Stephan Lessenich

Critical Theory and Global Sociology: Sisters in Arms?

by Stephan Lessenich

The 100th anniversary of the Institute of Social Research, and thus of the so-called Frankfurt School, is the moment to ask why Critical Theory Frankfurt style has run out of steam – and when did it do so. Often, Critical Theory’s communicative turn as processed by Jürgen Habermas in the early 1980s is seen as its critical juncture. Habermas’ move not only paved the way for the effective de-materialization of critical-theoretical...

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German Sociologists Boycott Academic Ranking

by Klaus Dörre, Stephan Lessenich and Ingo Singe

Universities and institutions of higher education across the globe are being impacted by structural change, guided by principles of the entrepreneurial university. The imposition of New Public Management principles means that universities are increasingly being managed like private enterprises. Resources are being allocated according to performance records and target agreements. Academic capitalism has entered Germany, and its main instruments are university...

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