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Rodolfo Elbert

Classes and Class Interests in Latin America

by Rodolfo Elbert and Pablo Pérez

Latin American scholars have attempted to bury the concept of class many times in recent decades. Since the 1980s, despite some differences, scholars have held that neoliberal policies have weakened the working class so much that it no longer influences the dynamics of social and political conflict in Latin American societies. In the last decade, however, workers have ignored these calls for the farewell to the working class. Organizing...

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Labor Politics and the Return of Neoliberalism in Argentina

by Rodolfo Elbert

On November 22, 2015, Argentines elected Mauricio Macri as President for the 2015-2019 term, by a margin of less than three percent. Macri’s defeat of the Peronista candidate Daniel Scioli marked the end of the long Kirchnerista decade, 2003-2015: after a period of increasing state intervention in the economy and limited wealth redistribution, a center-right candidate with an anti-corruption discourse now leads Argentina. Explanations...

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