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Mark Graham

Online Labor Platforms: Power Sans Accountability?

by Kelle Howson, Patrick Feuerstein, Funda Ustek-Spilda, Alessio Bertolini, Hannah Johnston and Mark Graham

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the widespread normalization of remote working for knowledge workers, with accompanying advancements in digital tools to facilitate this transition, including communications, video conferencing, algorithmic management and task allocation, and surveillance of workers. As the pandemic has shone a spotlight on and exacerbated many pre-existing inequalities in labor markets, a marked division has become apparent between those...

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The Fairwork Foundation: Action Research on the Gig Economy

by Mark Graham, Kelle Howson and Srujana Katta

Ola Cabs, the Indian ride-sharing firm, is one of an increasing number of companies around the world whose business model relies on using a digital platform to match the supply and demand for labor. Specifically, Ola’s mobile application allows passengers in need of transportation to connect with a nearby driver. Digital labor platforms like Ola comprise what is commonly referred to as the “gig economy,” where companies...

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