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María José Álvarez Rivadulla

Squatters and Politics in Uruguay

by María José Álvarez Rivadulla

Montevideo changed drastically during the last two decades of the twentieth century: in the confluence of neoliberalism and democratization, Uruguay’s capital city grew increasingly unequal and segregated. Perhaps the most visible change – if only the tip of the iceberg – was the growth of informal settlements. Montevideo’s squatter areas went through changes that were both quantitative and qualitative. Informal settlements...

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Global Dialogue’s Spanish Edition Team in Colombia

by María José Álvarez Rivadulla, Sebastián Villamizar Santamaría, Andrés Castro Araújo and Katherine Gaitán Santamaría

María José Álvarez Rivadulla, ISA Member of Research Committee on Regional and Urban Development (RC21) Majo is an Associate Professor of Sociology at the Rosario University, Colombia. Originally from Montevideo, Uruguay, she has a PhD in Sociology from the University of Pittsburgh and has lived in Colombia for the last five years. She is interested in urban inequality focusing on privilege as well as marginality...

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