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Mari Shiba

Junior and Senior Scholars Meet in Yokohama

by Mari Shiba, Kyoko Tominaga, Keisuke Mori and Norie Fukui

Professors Koichi Hasegawa, Shujiro Yazawa, Yoshimichi Sato, and Sawaka Shirihase – key members of the Local Organizing Committee for next year’s World Congress of Sociology in Yokohama (July 13-19) – put on an enticing pre-Congress conference, exactly one year ahead. The idea was to bring leading scholars from around the world – Professors Margaret Abraham from the US, Emma Porio from the Philippines and Han Sang-Jin from South Korea...

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Introducing the Japanese Editorial Team

by Mari Shiba, Kazuhisa Nishihara, Yu Fukuda, Kosuke Himeno, Kazuhiro Ikeda, Yutaka Iwadate, Michiko Sambe, Takako Sato, Yoshiya Shiotani and Tomohiro Takami

Here we present the editorial team from Japan, enthusiastic collaborators in the translation and production of Global Dialogue. We, the Japanese Regional Editors are very pleased and excited to introduce ourselves to the readers of Global Dialogue (GD) worldwide. We would like to express our gratitude to Professor Burawoy and all the GD contributors for sharing their diverse experiences on numerous and urgent issues in...

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