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Hari Nugroho

Introducing the Indonesian Editorial Team

by Kamanto Sunarto, Hari Nugroho, Lucia Ratih Kusumadewi, Fina Itriyati, Indera Ratna Irawati Pattinasarany, Benedictus Hari Juliawan, Mohamad Shohibuddin, Dominggus Elcid Li and Antonius Ario Seto Hardjana

Kamanto Sunarto is a Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, University of Indonesia. He earned his PhD in education from the University of Chicago in 1980. His current research interests are higher education and the history of sociology. He is a member of ISA Research Committees on Sociology of Education (RC04) and History of Sociology (RC08)...

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Labor Movements and Working-Class Politics in Indonesia

by Hari Nugroho

After a long period of absence from the political arena, the labor movement in Indonesia seems on the verge of a new political activism. In 2014, a number of union leaders were elected to parliament at the district level during the general election. This achievement is historic, since there has been no genuine representation of the working class in Indonesia’s national and local parliament for nearly 50 years. The debate about expanding the workers’...

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