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Ellen Kuhlmann

Professions in an International Perspective: Opening the Box

by Tuba Agartan, Debby Bonnin, Javier Pablo Hermo, Elena Iarskaia-Smirnova, Ellen Kuhlmann, Monika Lengauer, Shaun Ruggunan and Virendra Singh

Globalization has fundamentally expanded the scope and practice of the professions, especially in emergent economies. Rapidly developing markets in the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and some other middle-income countries have created new demands for professional expertise and services in both public and private sectors – even as the neoliberal turn in the Western world has questioned welfare state principles, and when austerity...

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Better Healthcare for All

by Ellen Kuhlmann, Claus Wendt and Ivy Bourgeault

Better healthcare for all citizens is a key to fighting social inequality and poverty and high on the agenda of policymakers across the globe. Besides their many differences, emergent healthcare systems in the Global South and the East as well as in established welfare states of the West all seek to improve the organization, delivery and accessibility of healthcare. This includes new modes of governing health professionals. For these processes social responsibility...

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