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Carina Altreiter

Right-Wing Populism from a Solidarity Perspective

by Carina Altreiter, Jörg Flecker, István Grajczjar and Saskja Schindler

Far-right parties in Europe have benefitted from intensified socioeconomic change following the financial and economic crisis in 2008 as well as from declining trust in public institutions. Since the turn of the century, many of these parties have put the social question on their political agenda. Having had migration always as a central issue, these parties could successfully use the arrival of large numbers of refugees in 2015 to mobilize resentment and...

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Working Time and the Struggle for a Better Life

by Carina Altreiter, Franz Astleithner and Theresa Fibich

The struggle over working time is historically linked to the struggle of workers to limit the exploitation of their labor power. The eight-hour-day was the proclaimed demand of the labor movement, and until the 1980s most Western industrialized nations gradually reduced length of the work day and work week. Since then, except for France, no significant advances can be observed, even though productivity has increased substantially. But the recent...

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