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Alicia I. Palermo

A Proposal for a South-South Agenda

by Alberto L. Bialakowsky, Paulo Henrique Martins and Alicia I. Palermo

Global Express

Our interest is to address the following question: Can sociology constitute itself as a global phenomenon without considering the diversity of social and cultural contexts and without contributing to the formation of activist intellectuals and mediation networks that make the link between the global and the local? Globalization is not only an economic, financial or technological phenomenon but, perhaps above all, an intellectual process expanded...

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Challenges of the ISA Forum in Buenos Aires: Fighting an Unequal World with an Equal Sociology

by Alberto L. Bialakowsky and Alicia I. Palermo

Preparations for the ISA Forum to be held in Buenos Aires, August 1-4 (2012) are currently underway. This process – which started with the selection of Buenos Aires as the venue – makes this Forum and this Argentinean city the site and culmination of a global, intellectual exchange in sociology and the social sciences. It is, perhaps, the most significant such meeting, having such a global scope, in Latin America in decades. Without doubt, the...

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