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Special Column

Global Dialogue’s Russian Team

February 10, 2014

Our team is a flexible one. The core group of translators are Elena Nikiforova, Anna Kadnikova, and Asja Voronkova. Others contribute to the project more or less regularly and we expect new team members as well as a certain rotation. We belong to different sociological institutions. Currently the results of the project are disseminated by the St Petersburg Sociological Association which is the regional branch of the Russian Sociological Society. We are happy to be a part of the transnational teams of translators. Working on the Russian version of the magazine makes us alert about the current debates in the global sociological community and helps us broaden our sociological horizon. We learn more as we try to find Russian linguistic equivalents for terms and categories. We are, indeed, “learning by doing” sociological translations! We wish Global Dialogue to continue and cover the diversity of sociological concerns and perspectives! We wish this magazine to be globally famous!

Elena Zdravomyslova, PhD in sociology, Professor at the European University, St Petersburg (EUSP), co-director of the Gender Program at EUSP; project coordinator at the Centre for Independent Social Research. Her research and teaching fields include: gender studies, women’s movements, and qualitative research methods. Areas of expertise include gender relations in Russia, feminist theory, sociology of care, and biographical research.

Anna Kadnikova has an MA in sociology. She graduated from the European University at St Petersburg and her academic interests are pro-life mobilization in Russia during the last decade.

Elena Nikiforova is a research fellow at the Center for Independent Social Research, St Petersburg. She received her diploma from the Department of Sociology at St Petersburg State University, studied at the School for International Studies, St Petersburg State University, and at the Department of International Studies, University of Limerick, Ireland (MA). Her current academic interests lie in the sphere of mobility and space and are largely influenced by the debate on glocalization and transnationalism, and the study of “borders.” To date, her research has focused on the transformations of places, identities and life trajectories connected to the ongoing reconfiguring of political space in the former Soviet empire; her regions of interests include (but are not confined to) the Baltic States (predominantly Estonia and Latvia), Northwest Russia and the Russian Far North.

Asja Voronkova is a musician, the founder of the rock group Patience Airways. She received her BA at Smolny College (St Petersburg State University, Russia) and Bard College (USA). She has published on the sociology of rock music; her particular sociological interest is extreme metal music as a youth culture phenomenon. She works as a translator in the sociological journal Laboratorium.

Alexander Kondakov, MA, is a research fellow at the Center for Independent Social Research, St Petersburg. He graduated from the International Institute for the Sociology of Law and his academic interests are sociology of law and queer studies. His current project is focused on the controversies of sexual citizenship in Russia.

Yuliya Martinavichene is a Faculty Member at the Department of Media of the European Humanities University (Vilnius, Lithuania) and a doctoral candidate at the Department of Philosophy. Her main research interests include visual semiotics, public service advertising, and the philosophy and sociology of collective identities. Her master’s thesis was a study of the advertising of Belarusian outdoor public service and its discursive appeal.

Ekaterina Moskaleva is a sociology graduate of the St Petersburg State University. Her research interests lay in the sphere of public relations and art through her involvement in two big projects, the International Franchise Festival, Geek Picnic where she performed as a project manager, and the Critical Mass 2013 (as a researcher and event manager). At present, she works as a project manager at the St Petersburg Branch of the High School of Economics, Russia.

Elena Zdravomyslova, European University at St. Petersburg and member of the ISA Executive Committee, 2010-14

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