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Michael Fine

Care Home Deaths amidst the Pandemic

by Michael Fine

Social responses to the COVID-19 pandemic extend from the micro level of interpersonal interactions in domestic and virtual settings, to the macro level in which care practices and relations, writ large, affect entire national populations and their transnational exchanges. Actions at each of these levels need to be understood as forms of care. Developing theoretical understandings that acknowledge the importance of care has become increasingly important...

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Reconstructing Care as a Market in Australia

by Michael Fine

Walzing Matilda is a deceptively cheerful song about a homeless swaggie who carries his bedding around (walzes his matilda) as he searches for work across the Australian outback. Internationally recognizable as Australian, it typifies the itinerant lifestyle that serviced the industrial scale sheep farming that dominated this country’s economy in the late nineteenth century. Another of Australia’s greatest folk songs from the same period...

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December 2021

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