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GD 11.3 - December 2021

Climate change and ecological catastrophes, precarious work, poor working conditions and poverty, economic and social inequalities around the globe – these are some of the pressing issues of our times. In sociological debates we find far-reaching reflections on modernity and capitalism, and how ideas of progress and growth and the economic system are putting the ecological and social reproduction at risk. This issue of Global Dialogue focusses on the analysis of problems which are caused by dominant concepts of human-nature relationships and economic principles, in relation to work and labor as well as to the mode of living in different parts of the world. Some articles go back to the classics, others seek to analyze new aspects in their future relevance and others reflect on important diagnoses of the contemporary developments. The issue starts with an interview...

GD 11.2 - August 2021

In this issue of Global Dialogue the section ‘Talking Sociology’ takes up the current developments in Chile. In this interview conducted by Johanna Sittel and Walid Ibrahim, Dasten Julián, a most renowned researcher working in the intersecting fields of sociology and history reflects on political developments, social protests and precarious work in his country, and on the relation between social science and society. For the past one and a half years the COVID-19 pandemic has led to fundamental changes in everyday life as well as to new economic, social and political crises. Since the beginning of its outbreak Global Dialogue has strived to give insight into the developments around the globe. For this issue, Karin Fischer has organized a symposium systemically reflecting on the pandemic and global inequalities with contributions from India, Peru...

GD 11.1 - April 2021

At the time this issue of Global Dialogue was being edited the US elections were one of the main topics in the media around the globe. In the meantime, we know that they have led to a post-Trump era but this does not mean that the problems witnessed by the US in the last years will not remain. In the section ‘Talking Sociology’ Margaret Abraham conducts an interview with the sociologist and Black Lives Matter activist S.M. Rodriguez. It gives insight into the history of resistance against racism in the US, and the intersection of social inequalities and concerns of social justice motivating this social movement. In regard to the developments around the elections Peter Evans and Michael Burawoy organized our first symposium on the plight and possibilities in the US. The articles cover historical perspectives on US “racial capitalism” and analyze...

December 2021

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