Zdravomyslova Elena

by Elena Zdravomyslova, European University at St. Petersburg and member of the ISA Executive Committee, 2010-14 Our team is a flexible one. The core group of translators are Elena Nikiforova, Anna Kadnikova, and Asja Voronkova. Others contribute to the project more or less regularly and we expect new team members as well as a certain […]

by Elena Zdravomyslova, European University, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Member of the ISA Executive Committee, 2010-2014 Leading scholars in the social sciences and humanities from Russia, European countries, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan came to Ufa to participate in the fourth World Congress of Turkic Sociologists, 4-6 September, 2011. The theme was: “Eurasian […]

by Elena Zdravomyslova, St. Petersburg, European University Historians of science have shown that the development of sociology is directly related to the structure of society and its political regime. Authoritarian political regimes hinder the development of social studies, and sociology, if it survives, becomes a transmission belt of repressive rule. In such conditions independent sociological […]