Kościńska Justyna

Jakub Barszczewski, PhD, teaches sociology at the University of Bialystok. His research interests include critical theories, sociology of the Global South, decolonial thought, counter-hegemonic globalization, and creativity. His doctoral thesis concerned Boaventura de Sousa Santos’ concept of counter-hegemonic globalization. He has published a book about the discourse of creativity in Post-Fordism. Aleksandra Biernacka is a […]

by Katarzyna Dębska, Sara Herczyńska, Justyna Kościńska, and Kamil Trepka, University of Warsaw, Poland As Arlie Hochschild explained in Global Dialogue in 2016, sociologists need to search for answers to the question posed in this article’s title not only in economic processes and emergent social sentiments, but also in the biographies of the supporters of […]