Volume 7, Issue 4

by Fernanda Beigel, National University of Cuyo, Argentina, and member of ISA Research Committee on the History of Sociology (RC08) Over the past 40 years, the geography of science has been re-mapped, through a publication system which progressively established a “universal” language and writing style, and through a mainstream circuit which built prestige for a […]

by Alejandro Grimson, National University of San Martin, Argentina Every nation is more heterogeneous in socio-cultural matters than its self-image usually suggests, but Argentina is perhaps an extreme case. Most Argentinians believe that Brazil contains more indigenous people than Argentina does; but in fact, according to the 2010 National Census, whereas Brazil included 850,000 persons […]

by Agustín Salvia and Berenice Rubio, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina Most Latin American societies have been marked by underdevelopment and stark inequalities. In the mid-twentieth century, however, Argentinian society seemed to illustrate an alternative: high urbanization, full employment, universal healthcare and education, advanced intermediate industrialization and an extensive middle class – a relatively integrated […]

by Gabriel Kessler, National University of La Plata, Argentina, and member of ISA Research Committees on Futures Research (RC07), Social Stratification (RC28) and Social Psychology (RC42) What do Argentina’s micro-social relations look like? How do they vary within the country, and how does Argentina compare to other regions of the world? How are they influenced […]

Ali Shariati (1933–1977) is widely regarded as the Voltaire of Iran’s 1979 Revolution. He was born into a religious family, received his doctorate in 1963 from the Sorbonne’s Faculté des Lettres et Sciences Humaines, and died in England in 1977. In Paris, Shariati enthusiastically read western socio-political thought and philosophy and was highly influenced by […]

Jing-Mao Ho joined Global Dialogue in 2010 when he was a research assistant to Dung-Sheng Chen, Distinguished Professor of Sociology at the National Taiwan University. Dr. Chen supervised the translation and editing work in the first few years (occasionally along with Mau-Kuei Chang, Research Fellow of Sociology at Academia Sinica, Taiwan). Jing-Mao Ho has greatly […]