Volume 7, Issue 3

by Holly Thorpe, University of Waikato, Aotearoa New Zealand In contexts of war and natural disaster, children and youth are often considered the most vulnerable. Yet although children and youth may be exposed to particularly high levels of physical, social, psychological, and political risk, simply treating children and youth as “victims” may overlook their unique […]

by Elizabeth Stanley, Victoria University of Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand In the wake of the Brexit vote and Donald Trump’s ascendancy, New Zealand’s immigration website has seen a barrage of interest from people wanting to escape their homelands. New Zealand (NZ) certainly has appeal: filmmakers love to capture our dramatic backdrops, and the country is, […]

by Dylan Taylor, Victoria University of Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand Parliamentary politics in Aotearoa New Zealand is in a state of torpor. The country’s Fifth National Government, for whom another term looks likely, has continued the neoliberal project ushered in by the Fourth Labour Government in 1984, predictably pursuing tax cuts, creeping privatization, and employer-focused […]

by Robert Webb, The University of Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand In Aotearoa New Zealand, the social marginalization of Māori is apparent in disproportionate rates of criminalization and victimization – a situation that parallels that of other Indigenous peoples who have experienced widespread dispossession in Anglo-settler countries. A minority population of only 15% of the general […]

Leisure Studies was his Passion It was early morning on Tuesday, May 23 in Ahmedabad (India) when I received a distressing call from Professor B.K. Nagla about the sad passing of Professor Ishwar Modi at the age of 76. There are certain personalities who never die even after death because their ideas, memories and affectionate […]

A Source of Inspiration and Encouragement Professor Ishwar Modi’s passing in May 2017 came after a long struggle with cancer, in which he continued to provide support and guidance to a new generation of Indian sociologists, and to a new generation of sociologists of leisure. His death is a sad loss to Indian sociology, sociology […]

by Gül Çorbacıoğlu and Irmak Evren, Middle East Technical University, Turkey We became the Turkish editorial team of Global Dialogue (GD) in January 2015. Our team comprises a core of two, Gül Çorbacıoğlu and Irmak Evren, both PhD candidates at Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. Our friend, Ahmet Seyhan Totan, has also been […]