Volume 6, Issue 3

John Urry’s unexpected death shocked his family, friends and colleagues. He and I first formed a bond as postgraduate students in Cambridge University in 1967-1970, sharing supervisors and interests, interacting thereafter in the Conference of Socialist Economists as well as in sociology conclaves, and becoming colleagues again in 1990 when I was appointed to a […]

British sociologist John Urry sadly passed away in March, just as we were celebrating the publication of our co-written article “Mobilizing the New Mobilities Paradigm” in the new journal Applied Mobilities – an article in which we assessed the impact of the mobilities paradigm in the social sciences over the past decade. We were also […]

by Ana Vidu, University of Barcelona, member of ISA Research Committee on Economy and Society (RC02) and Tinka Schubert, Loyola University Andalusia, member of ISA Research Committee on Women in Society (RC32)[1] The University of California-Berkeley has long been central to debates about sexual harassment and sexual assault on campus, not because it has an […]

by Ignacio Santa Cruz Ayo, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain and Eva Alonso, University of Barcelona, Spain As scholars conducting research on cooperatives, we would like to thank Global Dialogue for opening up debate about coops, and for allowing us to respond to Sharryn Kasmir’s assessment of the Mondragon Cooperative published in Global Dialogue 6.1 […]

by Costinel Anuța, Corina Brăgaru, Anca Mihai, Oana Negrea, Ion Daniel Popa, and Diana Tihan, University of Bucharest, Romania This article describes the genesis and structure of Global Dialogue’s Romanian editorial team, focusing on its development and working process, as well as some of the team’s idiosyncratic practices. The Romanian editorial team was initiated by […]