Volume 6, Issue 1

by William Sacher and Michelle Báez, FLACSO (Latin American Institute for the Social Sciences), Ecuador In 2007, President Rafael Correa sparked great regional and international interest with his pioneering political project, La Revolución Ciudadana [Citizen’s Revolution]. In 2008, a Constituent Assembly approved a new Constitution which promoted the rights of nature, and in 2009, the […]

by Mina Lorena Navarro, Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico Over the past fifteen years there has been a rise in environmental struggles in Mexico against what Maristella Svampa (2013) calls “Commodity Consensus” – conflicts over the access, control, and management of common natural resources. At the heart of the struggles is a type of […]

by Marian Sola Álvarez, Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento, Argentina Argentina is an emblematic case of expanding extractive activities – agribusiness, mega-mining, and, more recently, the exploitation of unconventional hydrocarbons through fracking – which have given rise to multiple struggles and anti-extraction movements. As agribusiness emerged and was consolidated as an agricultural model, Argentina entered […]

 by Mikhail Chernysh, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, and member of the ISA Research Committee on Social Classes and Social Movements (RC47) and Thematic Group on Human Rights and Social Justice (TG03). Vladimir Yadov belonged to the generation of Russians born before the Great War (WWII) but came of age after it. He was […]

by Andrei Alekseev, St. Petersburg, Russia Six years ago we celebrated Vladimir Alexandrovich’s 80th birthday. Yadov passed away in his 87th year on the night of July 2, 2015. One might say: “as a result of a lengthy and incurable disease.” However, until the last minute his mind was sharp as ever and he even […]

by Tatyana Protasenko, Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia The first time I met Vladimir Alexandrovich Yadov was during the department meeting at the Philosophy Faculty of the Leningrad State University, where I worked as a stenographer at the same time as being a student. As I recall it was at […]

by Valentina Uzunova, Kunstkamera, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia Vladimir Alexandrovich Yadov once gave a course on “Applied Sociological Research” at the Faculty of Philosophy. He was so involved in his lecture that he suddenly fell off the platform. It turned out that the blackboard was longer than the stage on which he […]

by Gevorg Poghosyan, Director of the Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Law of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences, President of the Armenian Sociological Association, and member of ISA Research Committees on Migration (RC31) and Disasters (RC39) There are scientists whose names are associated with the formation of a school of thought or even of […]