Volume 3, Issue 1

by Victoria Stoiciu, Ciprian Siulea, Mihai Iovanel, Ovidiu Tichindeleanu, Costi Rogozanu, Florin Poenaru, and Vasile Ernu, all representing CriticAtac Global Dialogue’s editor came across this enterprising and open-minded group while visiting Romania. CriticAtac collaborated with the sociology department at the University of Bucharest to stage a colloquium on “Marxism after Communism,” attended by a packed […]

by Bert Klandermans, VU-University, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and ISA Vice-President for Finance, 2002-2006 Some years ago the Executive Committee of the ISA discussed the possibility of publishing an annual volume of review articles. The proposal was to produce an on-line journal rather than a book. We reasoned that the production of a book would take so […]

by Ellen Kuhlmann, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany, President-elect of RC52 (Sociology of Professions), Claus Wendt, University of Siegen, Germany, Board Member of RC19 (Poverty, Social Welfare and Social Policy), and Ivy Bourgeault, University of Ottawa, Canada, Vice-President of RC15 (Sociology of Health) Better healthcare for all citizens is a key to fighting social inequality and […]

Ivan Varga lived many lives. One of them involved everlasting devotion to the ISA and in particular to RC22 (Sociology of Religion), for which he is remembered fondly by many. The following obituary was written by his wife and daughter, Eva Varga and Christina Varga. Dr. Ivan Varga stood up for what he believed in, […]

by Jennifer Platt, University of Sussex, UK, and ISA Vice-President for Publications, 2010-2014 “Open access” is a movement which is spreading rapidly beyond its points of origin, and brings some threats as it approaches the social sciences. The basic idea is simple and attractive: everyone should be able to benefit from the research knowledge available […]

by Ishwar Modi, President of the Indian Sociological Society, and ISA Executive Committee Member, 2010-2014 When I was reading about the Iranian Editorial team of Global Dialogue (GD2.4), I was stuck by the fact that almost all of them were either undergraduate or graduate students. As compared to them, the Indian team members are fairly […]

Alexia Webster, Photographer, and Edward Webster, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa, and former President of the Research Committee on Labor Movements (RC44) Many of the jobs that are being created in the inner city of Johannesburg are survivalist jobs, or what have become known as precarious jobs or the informal economy. These include hairdressers and […]