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by Lyudmila Nurse, Co-founder and Director of the Oxford XXI Think-Tank, UK and former Board Member of ISA Research Committee on Youth (RC 34) and Sylvia Trnka, former Board Member of RC34, Austria[1] Always cheerful and friendly, kind, open-minded, welcoming, positive, cooperative, helpful, warm-hearted, understanding, an internationally active scientist, a skillful organizer, an inspiring personality – […]

by Gurminder K. Bhambra, University of Warwick, UK and Board Member of ISA Research Committee on Conceptual and Terminological Analysis (RC35) Gurminder K. Bhambra is a leading figure in the development of postcolonial sociology. She addresses sociology’s parochialism by showing how the experience and contributions of the colonized have been rubbed out of history. Her […]

by Nira Yuval-Davis, University of East London, UK, President of ISA Research Committee on Racism, Nationalism and Ethnic Relations (RC05), 2002-6 and Member of the Program Committee for ISA World Congress in Durban, 2006 Nira Yuval-Davis, an Israeli dissident, has been a long-standing defender of human rights: a founder member of Women Against Fundamentalism, and […]

by Simón Escoffier, Oxford University, UK Despite a long history of social mobilization, since 1990 Chile’s urban poor have often been portrayed as passive political actors suffering from segregation and social illnesses. Based on my research in the borough of Peñalolén in Santiago, however, I argue that in some cases at least, the urban poor […]

by Margaret S. Archer, University of Warwick, UK, and former ISA President, 1986-1990 There is no such thing as immaculate perception. From the beginning, my own vision came through UNESCO spectacles: the ISA was founded to help “knit together social science scholars of the world” to advance these disciplines. Given that its 65 years span […]

by John Holmwood, University of Nottingham, UK, and member of ISA Executive Committee, 2014-2018 Many commentators have suggested the “new public management” of public services through “audit” may have run its course, and even that this approach has been replaced by an interest in “public value” (that is, a concern with maximizing the value of […]

by John Holmwood, University of Nottingham, UK and President of the British Sociological Association. Open Access is changing the landscape of academic publishing with potentially serious consequences for professional associations like the ISA and its linked national associations. The changes are not uniform across all ‘jurisdictions’ and are, perhaps, happening most quickly in English-language area, […]

An Interview with Simon Clarke During the 1980s Simon Clarke, a British sociologist at Warwick University, was best known for his contributions to theory – in particular, his original interpretation of Marx, and his critique of the liberal foundations of modern sociology and economics. In 1990, Clarke took a fateful journey to the Soviet Union, […]

by Jennifer Platt, University of Sussex, UK and ISA Vice-President for Publications, 2010-2014 The ISA’s Publications Committee has a policy of sending members to key conferences to report back on what is going on to inform our editors; this is one of those reports. But how to report on a whole meeting? There were said […]

John Holmwood, University of Nottingham, UK and President of the British Sociological Association. The issue of metrics has come to the fore recently following the refusal by German sociologist, to forward data to the Centre for Higher Education Development (a Think Tank, seeking to, “develop models for the modernisation of higher education systems and institutions”) […]