by Haryati Abdul Karim, Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Malaysia  One of the most profound effects of social media on society is undoubtedly the extent to which it has become a tool of empowerment for ordinary citizens to determine their future lives. Social life today is characterized by Internet activism, in which people from all walks […]

by Shamsul A.B., The National University of Malaysia (UKM), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Long before they were officially introduced as university subjects with their own academic departments, anthropology and sociology contributed to the construction of the colonial knowledge that informed the idea of Malaya and, after 1963, of Malaysia. During the colonial era, colonial knowledge provided […]

An Interview with Dato Rahman Embong Rahman Embong, distinguished Malaysian sociologist and long-time public intellectual, traces the interweaving of his biography and the development of Malaysian sociology from the colonial period through the postcolonial struggles and then repression to the new opening after 1991. MB: Let’s begin at the beginning. Growing up under colonialism, how […]