SOLIDARITY WITH JAPANESE SOCIOLOGISTS The ISA Executive Committee would like to express sympathy and solidarity with the victims of the terrible Japanese earthquake and tsunami as well as of the nuclear accident they have precipitated. We know that the Japanese people will continue to confront this unprecedented tragedy with fortitude and a renewed collective spirit. […]

Shujiro Yazawa, President of the Japanese Sociological Society, has traveled to all corners of the globe, imbibing sociology wherever he goes — the embodiment of what he calls multi-versality. He has been teaching sociology in Japan for more than 45 years, and has published 15 books and over 70 papers. He served on the Executive […]

By Raquel Sosa Elízaga, Vice-President for Program The Program Committee for the 2014 Yokohama World Congress has been approved by the ISA Executive Committee. It was chosen with due regard to diversity by region, by gender, by area of specialty as well as for their scholarly distinction and expertise in the theme of the Congress: […]

by Yoshimichi Sato, Tohoku University and ISA Executive Committee I participated in an international symposium on “Today’s Trends of Global Migration in Japan and Indonesia” in Bali on October 29. This symposium was sponsored by the Center for the Study of Social Stratification and Inequality, which I direct. It had two Japanese speakers (including me) […]