by Pinar Temocin, Hiroshima University, Japan Globalization can be seen as an integral process where transformation takes place in the social, cultural, and economic spheres of society. It affects both developed and developing regions and nations from micro to macro level. Globalization has brought significant changes through posing challenges to our lives. The environment has […]

It is our great pleasure to introduce the second Japanese editorial team to the readers of Global Dialogue. Since we began our work in December of 2014, 45 undergraduate students have participated in the translation project They all attend the National Fisheries University that was founded in 1941 as a public institution of higher education […]

by Hildegard Theobald, University of Vechta, Germany and member of ISA Research Committees on Aging (RC11) and Poverty, Social Welfare and Social Policy (RC19) and Yayoi Saito, Osaka University, Japan Since the 1980s, long-term care policies in many Western countries have been considerably restructured, with strong impact on both care users and care workers. Countries […]

Shujiro Yazawa, former President of Japanese Sociological Society and former member of ISA Executive Committee Japan at a critical crossroad What do you know about Japan? Answers to this question vary, depending on where people live, their social characteristics, and so on—but I can guess how familiar someone is with Japan by paying attention to […]

by Mari Shiba, Nagoya University and ISA Member of Research Committee on Sociology of Migration (RC31), Kyoko Tominaga, University of Tokyo, Keisuke Mori, Hitotsubashi University, and Norie Fukui, Kyushu University, Japan Professors Koichi Hasegawa, Shujiro Yazawa, Yoshimichi Sato, and Sawaka Shirihase – key members of the Local Organizing Committee for next year’s World Congress of […]

by Chizuko Ueno, University of Tokyo, Japan Chizuko Ueno, a leading Japanese sociologist, feminist critic, and public intellectual, has been a pioneer in women’s studies and the author of many books, including Patriarchy and Capitalism (1990), The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Modern Family (1994, English translation 2004), Nationalism and Gender (1989, English translation […]

by Sawako Shirahase, University of Tokyo and member of the Local Organizing Committee for the 2014 ISA World Congress in Yokohama, Japan In postwar Japan, inequality debates were revived in a peculiar way, so that the blurred divisions of class and Japanese uniqueness were oddly drawn together. Japan was the first Asian country to successfully […]

by Koichi Hasegawa, Tohoku University, Sendai, and Chair of the Local Organizing Committee of the ISA 2014 World Congress of Sociology in Yokohama, Japan “Haiku” is the shortest form of poetry in the world. It was originally a part of traditional Japanese culture; yet, today, it is widely enjoyed in other cultures and languages. A […]

by Koichi Hasegawa, Tohoku University, Sendai, and Chair of the Local Organizing Committee of the ISA 2014 World Congress of Sociology in Yokohama, Japan Last May, under the strong leadership of Shujiro Yazawa, President of the Japanese Sociological Society, Japanese sociologists created a network, now numbering more than 150 members, for research and information dealing […]

Here we present the editorial team from Japan, enthusiastic collaborators in the translation and production of Global Dialogue.   We, the Japanese Regional Editors are very pleased and excited to introduce ourselves to the readers of Global Dialogue (GD) worldwide. We would like to express our gratitude to Professor Burawoy and all the GD contributors […]