by Laura Corradi, University of Calabria, Italy  “The Italian University is hardly surviving. It is in a condition of disease and growing marginalization, which can find little comparison in our contemporary history. Economic resources for the institutional functioning of one of the oldest academia in the world were drastically reduced well before the present global […]

by Roberto Cipriani, University Roma Tre, Italy, and President of the Council of National Associations of the European Sociological Association A great step forward was made by the ISA at the World Congress in Brisbane in 2002, when it was decided for the first time to elect a Vice-President for National Associations. But the procedural […]

by Roberto Cipriani, President of the ESA Council of National Associations Representatives of 21 Sociological Associations took part in the meeting organized by the European Sociological Association in Paris, October 28th, 2010. ESA President Anália Torres, ESA Past President Claire Wallace and members of the ESA Executive Committee were present too. Our special guests were […]