by Shirin Ahmad-Nia, Allameh-Tabataba’i University, Iran Iranian society has undergone dramatic socio-political, economic and cultural changes since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, changes that are especially noticeable in new patterns of family, education and urban life. Just before the revolution in Iran, less than half of the people (47%) were living in urban areas, while […]

by Reyhaneh Javadi, University of Tehran, Iran During the translation of the Japanese team’s introduction (GD2.3), when I was reading the degrees and the research areas – remembering the Paulista team – all I was thinking was “Heavens! What we are doing among all of these PhDs and professors? We are just a bunch of […]

by Nazanin Shahrokni, University of California, Berkeley, USA, and Parastoo Dokouhaki, Journalist, Tehran, Iran   On August 6, 2012, with the new academic year approaching, the government-backed Mehr News Agency in Iran posted a bulletin that 36 universities in the country had excluded women from 77 fields of study. The reported restrictions aroused something of […]

by Abbas Varij Kazemi, New York University, USA   In 2009, Iran experienced an unusual social movement, known then and now as “The Green Movement.” This was not an environmental protest but was prompted by contested presidential election results, youthful desire for expression and reform, and a collective wave of national political optimism. Iranians at […]