by Samia Mehrez, American University in Cairo, Egypt Samia Mehrez is a distinguished Professor of Arabic Literature in AUC’s Department of Arab and Islamic Civilizations and Director of the Center for Translation Studies. I met her recently in Cairo where she showed me chapters from her forthcoming Translating Egypt’s Revolution – exciting narratives from Tahrir […]

I just heard from one of my former students who is working in Juba, South Sudan, who wrote: “I am trying to explain the ‘snowball’ technique of sampling, which is a nightmare for Africans who have no clue what a snowball is. So I described the process of rolling a snowball and how it gets […]

by Mona Abaza, American University of Cairo I happened to be in Cairo when the catalytic demonstration of the 25th of January occurred. I did not participate in the first demonstrations. It has been many years since I had been politically active. I have to confess that the violence and brutality, witnessed in numerous previous […]

by Sari Hanafi, American University of Beirut, ISA Executive Committee The newly established “World Social Sciences and Humanities Network” (World SSH Net) in cooperation with UNESCO International Institute for Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (IESALC) and the Science Council of Argentina (CONICET) held a three-day workshop (28-30 October, 2010) on “Cultural elements […]