by Martin Petrov, Sofia University, Bulgaria They have no property and take no part in the production of capital, not even by returning empty beer bottles. They inhabit a public space where they drink their medical alcohol bought from the pharmacy and diluted with water from public fountains in a bottle fished from a garbage […]

by Georgi Medarov, Sofia University, Bulgaria As we know from Maurice Halbwachs, social memory is intimately linked with forming collective identities. After 1989, the heated public debates about the fate of the Bulgarian Jewish population during the WWII, tell us much about the way the past can shape the politics of the present. In the […]

by Svetla Koleva, Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge, Sofia, Bulgaria and President of the Bulgarian Sociological Association. Although for more than a century the Balkans have chiefly been synonymous with the kind of regional fragmentation that engendered the term “Balkanization,” the Second Annual Conference of the Balkan Sociological Forum (Sofia, November 9-10, […]