by Tom Dwyer, University of Campinas, Brazil, and Member of the ISA Executive Committee, 2010-2014 The four BRIC countries, Brazil, Russia, India, and China, are being rapidly drawn together by the tectonic shifts in the global order. To better understand these processes and their implications for internal stratification sociologists from the four countries assembled in […]

by Renato Ortiz, State University of Campinas, Brazil English is the official language of globalization. I say ‘officially’ because the presence of other languages is constitutive of our contemporary condition, even though one language, above others, takes a privileged position. In the global market of linguistic goods English becomes the language of global modernity. What […]

by Elisa P. Reis, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and former member of the ISA Executive Committee 2006-2010 The XVth Congress of the Brazilian Sociological Society (SBS) took place in Curitiba from the 26th to the 29th of July, 201l. Around two thousand sociologists gathered together in the capital city of the state […]

In each issue we will present one of the editorial teams that collaborate in the translation and production of Global Dialogue. It is a pleasure to introduce our team of Brazilian regional editors to the readers of Global Dialogue worldwide. Furthermore, we are extremely excited to work in a publication that has contributed greatly to […]

by Ruy Braga, University of Sao Paulo Despite the unexpected competition in the runoff, Dilma Rousseff’s (PT – Workers Party) victory, with around a 12 million vote margin, over Jose Serra (PSDB – Brazilian Social Democracy Party) in the Oct. 31st Brazilian Presidential elections demonstrated the current administration’s political hegemony. Supported by a wide margin […]

by Tom Dwyer, Member of the Executive Committee, ISA Between the 13-15 of September Brazilian Sociological Society (SBS) will hold its Second Northern Regional meeting in Belem, capital of Para state, at the Federal University of Para. The northern region of Brazil has a land area approximately half the size of contiguous USA, it includes […]