In this issue of Global Dialogue the section ‘Talking Sociology’ takes up the current developments in Chile. In this interview conducted by Johanna Sittel and Walid Ibrahim, Dasten Julián, a most renowned researcher working in the intersecting fields of sociology and history reflects on political developments, social protests and precarious work in his country, and […]

Dr. Dasten Julián is an academic and researcher at the Institute of History and Social Sciences, the Austral University of Chile. He is currently working as principal researcher on the project “Precariousness of work in the southern macro-zone of Chile: Intersections, territories and resistance in the Maule, Ñuble, Biobío and La Araucanía regions” (2020-2023) funded […]

by Karin Fischer, Johannes Kepler University, Austria The coronavirus exempts no one and respects no national borders. According to the UN Development Program, the human development index – a combined measure of education, health, and living standards – is on course to decline for the first time since 1990. The decline is expected across the […]

by Kajal Bhardwaj, lawyer, New Delhi, India In 2001, the World Trade Organization (WTO) confronted the impact of intellectual property (IP) obligations enshrined in its multilateral agreement, the TRIPS Agreement, on global attempts to address the HIV pandemic. At the time, multinational pharma companies sued South African President Nelson Mandela over legal provisions to allow […]

by Camila Gianella, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú-Cisepa, Peru The COVID-19 pandemic is having devastating economic and social effects across the globe. However, one dangerous message that has emerged from this global crisis is that we are facing the same crisis everywhere (we are in the same boat), as if facing a lockdown in Bergen, […]

by Christina Laskaridis, The Open University, United Kingdom Wealthy countries combat the economic downturn through debt-financed spending and economic stimulus, while low- and middle-income countries in the Global South are caught in an unfolding debt trap. The legacies of colonialism and past geographies of sovereign debt in the Global South are being reinforced in times […]

by Luckystar Miyandazi, Program Specialist, Tax Inspectors Without Borders, and Coordinator for Africa, UNDP Africa Financial Sector Hub, South Africa Even before the coronavirus disease pandemic hit the globe in March 2020, global inequalities measured by most indicators had been on the rise for decades. The COVID-19 pandemic and its unprecedented consequences in almost all […]

by E. Venkat Ramnayya and Viha Emandi, Youth For Action, India If and when the pandemic ebbs, life will be far from normal. Human, livelihood, and property loss will be enormous as has been proven in India when people faced the twin disasters of COVID-19 and floods. In 2020, in the midst of COVID-19, India […]

by Julie Froud, The University of Manchester, UK, for the Foundational Economy Collective The current pandemic provides a sharp reminder of the importance of the foundational economy – those goods and services consumed on a daily basis that make safe and civilized life possible. These include the pipe and cable network infrastructures that deliver utilities, […]

by Andreas Novy and Richard Bärnthaler, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria That we are currently living in times of profound turmoil is widely acknowledged. The question no longer is whether profound changes will take place in the twenty-first century, but how this transformation will happen – in a chaotic way, as we are […]