Are you interested in editing ISA’s eSymposium?

by Jennifer Platt, University of Sussex, UK, and ISA Vice-President for Publications, 2010-2014

Many ISA members will know that since 2005 Vineeta Sinha has been editing one of our membership benefits, the electronic journal which was initially called the ISA E-Bulletin, but recently became the ISA eSymposium. This change marked the shift towards digital presence on a website, so that there could be more interaction with readers, as well as the possibility of including “non-written” visual and audio contributions such as the fascinating “Occupy Toronto: a photo essay” by Zaheer Baber in the latest issue.

            Now that Vineeta has seen the new system bedded in, the time has come for the possibility of a new editor to succeed her distinguished founding tenure. A wide variety of interesting contributions have appeared in the journal; there are certainly more out there for the future. Perhaps you would like to take over the responsibility for locating and developing them, or know a colleague who would do a good job? Applications for the editorship, to start in July 2013, are invited. Please see the ISA web site for how to apply.

United Kingdom, Volume 2, Issue 5

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