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J. David Tàbara, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain and Member of the Global Climate Forum in Berlin What, we might ask – in the age of big data, automation and artificial intelligence – can the social sciences and humanities contribute to dealing with global environmental change? While the global challenges of climate change, escalating social […]

by John Holmwood, University of Nottingham, UK and President of the British Sociological Association. Open Access is changing the landscape of academic publishing with potentially serious consequences for professional associations like the ISA and its linked national associations. The changes are not uniform across all ‘jurisdictions’ and are, perhaps, happening most quickly in English-language area, […]

Alberto L. Bialakowsky, former President of Latin American Sociological Association (ALAS), Paulo H. Martins, former President of ALAS, and Alicia Itatí Palermo, President, Argentinean Association of Sociology. Our interest is to address the following question: Can sociology constitute itself as a global phenomenon without considering the diversity of social and cultural contexts and without contributing […]

As in other countries of the former Soviet Union working on gender issues in Armenia can be a precarious business.  Armenia.Gender

by Adriana Marrero, University of the Republic, Montevideo, Uruguay Nos guste o no a los uruguayos, si por algo es conocido este pequeño país sudamericano, es por el fútbol. Anfitrión y campeón de la 1ª. Copa Mundial de Fútbol en 1930, Campeón de la Copa Mundial en 1950, y semifinalista en 1954, 1970 y 2010, […]

Dan Ferrand-Bechmann, l’Université de Paris 8 Les sociologues à l’instar de l’AIS ont constitué des associations dans de nombreux pays soit sur une base territoriale en générale nationale soit sur une base d’identité linguistique. Mais toutes ont pour objectif de défendre la discipline et les sociologues. Avant de parler de l’Association Française de Sociologie (AFS) […]

John Holmwood, University of Nottingham, UK and President of the British Sociological Association. The issue of metrics has come to the fore recently following the refusal by German sociologist, to forward data to the Centre for Higher Education Development (a Think Tank, seeking to, “develop models for the modernisation of higher education systems and institutions”) […]

Boaventura de Sousa Santos, University of Coimbra, Portugal History shows – and current events confirm – that periods of acute crisis or deprivation are typically not the times when citizens will rise against an unjust state of affairs, forcing institutions and those with political power to significantly change the course of government. Although comparisons are […]

Breno Bringel, Institute of Social and Political Studies, State University of Rio de Janeiro (IESP-UERJ), Editor of Dados – Revista de Ciências Sociais ([1] Indignation or outrage is not a social movement. It is a state of being. As such, it can be expressed in a variety of ways. In Southern Europe, for example, the […]

Scientific Evaluation, Yes – CHE Ranking, No Methodological Problems and Political Implications of the CHE University Ranking     German Sociological Association Statement June 2013 (long version) The results of the CHE (Centre for Higher Education Development) University Ranking, a subject-level classification covering a range of academic disciplines, have been published each spring since 1998. […]