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by Cristina Flesher Fominaya, University of Aberdeen Interface: A Journal for and about Social Movements is an open-access multi-lingual journal that seeks to build a global dialogue between activists and academics working with social movements, across language, cultural and ideological differences, and between disciplinary and activist traditions. The idea was born from a group of […]

by Jenny Chan, University of London Taiwan-owned Foxconn Technology Group is the world’s biggest contract electronics manufacturer, taking in over 50% of global electronics manufacturing and service industry revenue. Foxconn operates more than 40 manufacturing facilities and Research and Development centers in Asia, Russia, Europe, and the Americas. Its accumulated revenues for January to September […]

by Jennifer Platt, Vice-President for Publications The history of ISA journals throws light on wider trends in the development of the ISA and of sociology.  This account starts in 1973, with the first issues of the only journal we had then, Current Sociology, produced from outside the secretariat or UNESCO staff.  Each issue consisted of […]

by Jennifer Platt, Vice-President for Publications, ISA Several new editors have been appointed recently for ISA publications. They are Eloisa Martin (Current Sociology), Christine Inglis (International Sociology), Bert Klandermans (Sociopedia) and Sujata Patel (Current Sociology monographs and Sage Studies in International Sociology); we expect great things from all of them in their important tasks. Special […]

by Jennifer Platt, Vice-President for Publications, ISA ISA’s first newsletter was published in 1971; before then, its news items appeared in UNESCO publications. That was an important year in ISA history: this independent newsletter could report the creation of ordinary individual membership, the representation of Research Committees in ISA’s governance for the first time, and […]