In the previous issue of Global Dialogue (2.5), we learned how a young Polish student was recruited to the ISA and how she became the indispensable organizing brain of the Association. In this second and final part of the interview, Dr. Barlinska tells us the story of the consolidation of the ISA into the powerful […]

Everyone in the ISA knows the name Izabela Barlinska – and she knows almost everyone! Efficient and creative, loyal and dedicated, soft-spoken but resolute, she has been associated with the ISA for some 35 years. Mistress of many languages, including English, French, Spanish, Russian and her native Polish, she occupies the hot seat in the […]

by Piotr Sztompka, University of Krakow, Poland, former ISA President Almost ten years ago at the ISA World Congress of Sociology at Brisbane 2002 I won the Presidency of ISA running on a very ‘politically incorrect’ slogan, ‘Excellence rather than balance’. Now the slogan seems relevant again, especially after the 2010 World Congress in Gothenburg […]

by Tomasz Kukolowicz, University of Warsaw, and Lukasz Srokowski, University of Wroclaw The section of ‘Scientific Circles’ is a part of the Polish Sociological Association (PSA). Around 100 students from 15 universities belong to the Section. The name of the Section comes from a popular form of student self-organization in Poland – scientific circles. These […]

by Grażyna Skąpska, Jagiellonian University, Kraków In September 2010 Polish sociologists held their fourteenth national congress, organized by the Polish Sociological Association (Polskie Towarzystwo Socjologiczne – PTS) and the Jagiellonian University. This event proved to be a great success with the attendance of more than 1200 sociologists from Poland and abroad. Key, too, was the […]